Grow a Little More

What would it mean to operate at peak efficiency?

What is a ‘peak’?
The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines a ‘peak’ firstly as a noun, a prominent mountain or hilltop, a place you can physically plant your feet. The definition goes on to describe a ‘peak’ as a verb, to reach a maximum capacity or value of something. Finally, a ‘peak’ is defined as an adjective, being at or reaching the superlative level or performance output.

There are a lot of ways you can formulate what a peak is, with each of these parts of speech presenting their own perception into how a peak can be established. The unique aspect of looking at a word this way is in the English Language’s subtle habit of mirroring humanity. Personally, when I conceive the word ‘peak’ in my mind, I run it through my head as a verb–as something that I can achieve, something that is obtainable, or a skill that is capable of being honed. I see a list of goals that can be checked off in order to perform at my ‘peak’. The word, simply put, has a lot of action associated with it, a lot of doing.

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Bedletter Ep. 17 – Ministry of Truth is out now!

I made a new podcast episode! Check it out here.

In an article recently published by the New York Times (Jan 2021), the idea of commissioning a “reality czar” as part of the U.S. Government is dangerously toyed with. On the seventeenth episode of Bedletter, we dissect what it means to discover truth for yourself, how important that journey is, and how statistics can be molded to manipulate your view of the world.

Let ‘Em Trade!

The last couple days have been incredibly interesting as I sit back and watch the spectacle and craze of the internet take over a once-unbreakable Wall Street. I mean, they truly have done the unthinkable here–not in the sense of a short-squeeze occurring in the first place, but to the extent and with the amount of organization (if you can call it that) that this movement has occurred. Personally I have been a member of Reddit for a decade now, and having heard of r/wallstreetbets, even being subscribed to it for the last few years, I would never have thought such impact could have been orchestrated from that little nook of the web.

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A Stripling Warrior

Today is a Sunday–not unlike many other Sundays, filled with a lovely haze of relaxation prior to the start of a new work-week. Although my Sunday flows on smooth waters, without much change or torrent, today there are some who’s Sunday seeks the brightest change of all.

And so it is today, that my brother might be set upon new waters in an ocean so vast and vibrant. An ocean that fills the mind and body with endless priority, seeking space and organization. There is no coincidence drawn between the ordering of importance–sails must be set, anchors raised, and with with a watchman’s eye, the hull of this spiritual guide will slice through icy waters.

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My Little Ghost

There is a strange and unfamiliar mental ghost that has invaded my head space lately, and I think I might let him stay.

At first his coming was extremely uncomfortable and foreign, like an unpleasant thought that somehow keeps pushing it’s way into the forefront of my mind, replaying over and again. Different from an image I would wish away, however, this little blip has seemed to reoccur enough to justify some peeling.

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Cook Book

Such a marvelous moment happened today.

In the truest sense of what one could stop and marvel at, deeply searching through seconds to find the resounding why. In the face of overwhelming news and unexpected circumstances, how do you outset a new and cleanly-adapted life?

Through meticulous planning and watchful performance, the brunt of the work will be done. While important, and in fact completely crucial, to the process of overcoming, there is an underlying critical element outlining the entire recipe.

The true prescription, as it flows, shined on me today through the song of sun and sky. It spoke and revealed the preeminent ingredient–to have outstanding faith in my ability to overcome.

And why open the book at all, if faith didn’t exist? To trust in the method and execute the actions–only to finally understand some single part about what it means to believe in myself.


I woke up today feeling strong.

I woke up today and for some reason, baggage looked different and carried in a more meaningful way. It’s not to see the dents and scratches as ugly or undesired, but instead to appreciate the impact those wounds had, or may still be having. I look at the weakness and pain that plagues many hours of the day and I refuse to see it as frail. I condemn the sickly idea of accepting this state as procedure, seeing only a problem or distracting annoyance in my path. There is no way forward, no ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. There is no tunnel, and I am not moving through it. There is no tunnel, and how could there be, when there is light shining all around from a vast ocean sky.

I woke up today and felt strong because I accepted my weakness as strength. I welcomed the idea that grace and mercy reside only to empower my inevitable growth.

I woke up today knowing that I am strong.