The Weekender

There’s no to-do list today
No pile of crap to complete
No jotted words to prove my worth
No vision to cut my teeth

There’s no to-do list today
Exempt from the groans of keep-doing
Free from guilty, idling thumbs
Lazed from goal perusing

There’s no to-do list today
Or so I’ve been affirmed
To count the stars and passing cars
My mind–it starts to burn

“There’s no to-do list today”
Saturday’s refrain
Sundays come and go again
The weekdays built to frame

“There’s no to-do list today”
An idea much less in doing
Hot from far, below the bar
Ambition rotting, stewing

“There’s no to-do list today”
A disconnect from hope
When one day starts to slide away
To-do lists throw the rope

Bedletter Ep. 40 – Guest: Abbey Willis, Pt. 2

In part two of my conversation with Abbey, we discuss Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the impact that minor PTSD symptoms can have on your life, and subtle ways you can actively combat negative symptoms. Follow Abbey on Instagram @abblynnwillis. Listen to the full episode here!