Short Story Written By Christian J. Ashliman

The dense, thick smell of Christmas pines wafted like a swirling blanket over the crowds, filling the air with a cheerful spring of holiday season. Bells could be heard ringing, jingling in delight as the little ones ran up and down the overly populated sidewalks, with a light pitter patter scattered against the heavy thumping of moving foot traffic. In the distance, caroling was picking up, growing in number and volume as the gleeful singers gained more traction. Dusk must have been on the western horizon, felt by the warmth of sunlight cracking through the cold clouds, bathing his face in a tingling radiance. Continue reading “Unknown”


Fallout Themed Short Story Written By Christian J. Ashliman

Sirens pierced the crisp, frigid air like the edge of a knife, spurring the surrounding birds from their nesting spots and jolting awake the world to a fresh, cloudless morning. Theo’s eyes darted open and he winced at the intense high-pitched sound. Another drill? That’s the third one this month and a lot of good they do anyways. Theo shook his head and wiped his face with his hand, letting out a sigh. It doesn’t matter anyways, none of it does. If, no, when the bombs drop, no cave will save you. No tomb, no shelter, no nook, no cranny, and most definitely no vault is gonna save you.  Continue reading “Sidewalks”