Give yourself a little more credit than the 280 characters Twitter gives you.

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When did we decide that our ideas were only worth a social post

More and more our attention spans wane

Giving way to impatient, impractical, impersonal interactions

Threads of abrupt, ill-conceived thought — 

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European Calamity: The Shaking of Society

Historical Academic Analysis Written By Christian J. Ashliman

Human beings have long been praised as an incredibly resilient and adaptable form of life. Even when we glance at our modern day society, it is vastly evident that no matter what strife finds its way into our lives, we always manage to change, adapt, and find a way to press on. This idea is true of us now, just as it is true of the people who endured through the late middle ages. During the time period of 1300 to 1500, a series of intense calamities swept across Europe, and decimated civilization, theoretically bringing society to its knees. Continue reading “European Calamity: The Shaking of Society”