Culture Fair Intelligence Test Critique

Psychological Test Critique Written By Christian J. Ashliman

The Culture Fair Intelligence Test, or CFIT, is an evaluation of an individual’s IQ using methods that strive to remove any sort of cultural bias. Primarily, its goal is to test general abilities that are comparably independent of academic achievement, socioeconomic status, and other similar environmental factors. Continue reading “Culture Fair Intelligence Test Critique”

Venom: Too Late to Suck the Poison Out

Film Critique Written By Christian J. Ashliman

Due to the acute opinions I had while watching the newly released film, Venom, I felt compelled to dictate several of my issues with the story telling, flow of the movie, and overall feeling I was left with after sitting through a Marvel sized helping of after-credit scenes. While I do feel that I could more fully explain my positions on this film if I were to fill this piece with plot spoilers, I do understand that this movie was highly anticipated and is still extremely new in its release; so I will try to keep the main story points under wraps. Continue reading “Venom: Too Late to Suck the Poison Out”