Let ‘Em Trade!

The last couple days have been incredibly interesting as I sit back and watch the spectacle and craze of the internet take over a once-unbreakable Wall Street. I mean, they truly have done the unthinkable here–not in the sense of a short-squeeze occurring in the first place, but to the extent and with the amount of organization (if you can call it that) that this movement has occurred. Personally I have been a member of Reddit for a decade now, and having heard of r/wallstreetbets, even being subscribed to it for the last few years, I would never have thought such impact could have been orchestrated from that little nook of the web.

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Venom: Too Late to Suck the Poison Out

Film Critique Written By Christian J. Ashliman

Due to the acute opinions I had while watching the newly released film, Venom, I felt compelled to dictate several of my issues with the story telling, flow of the movie, and overall feeling I was left with after sitting through a Marvel sized helping of after-credit scenes. While I do feel that I could more fully explain my positions on this film if I were to fill this piece with plot spoilers, I do understand that this movie was highly anticipated and is still extremely new in its release; so I will try to keep the main story points under wraps. Continue reading “Venom: Too Late to Suck the Poison Out”