Thought Wire – March 8th, 2021

I saw someone’s post earlier, it said, “You know seasonal depression is real when you get a random day of 50 degrees in March and it feels like you just popped a molly.” And what a day it was yesterday–the sun was out, birds chirping–it was some sort of hopeful glimpse into the future. Maybe it is to hope against hope–after all, I do live in Utah. The end of March starts looking really ripe, like spring is about to explode into every plant and person alike. Then the first of April slams the door shut with three or four sheets of snow, temperatures of 27 degrees, and a withering thought of how spring might have come early.

There’s a book sitting on my desk called, “The Essential Nietzsche.” It sits at a medium thickness, nothing too intimidating like the phonebook-sized Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. And yet, while its size isn’t of major concern, its content may be. Almost as if I know that opening the pages of the book will start a new journey so intriguing and beguiling that the energy required to intake such information is really the intimidating part. The difference between wanting something and actually doing something is so narrow, and so quickly can one become the other. Why is it so hard to open the front cover? Here I literally mean the front cover of the book, but just as easily the “front cover” could be construed as any outset into any activity. And yet, even if I were to pick the book up for 5 minutes, reading only the first couple pages, the idea that it could turn into more than that both excites and scares. Am I prepared for such an undertaking? Is anyone ever actually prepared, truly prepared, for the outsets of their lives? Probably not, but it’s the space between the amount we know and the amount we need to know that we grow and flourish–overcoming one challenge into the next just to thrive in this zone of experiential discrepancy.

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Grow a Little More

What would it mean to operate at peak efficiency?

What is a peak?
The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines a peak firstly as a noun, a prominent mountain or hilltop, a place you can physically plant your feet. The definition goes on to describe a peak as a verb, to reach a maximum capacity or value of something. Finally, a peak is defined as an adjective, being at or reaching the superlative level or performance output.

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Bedletter Ep. 17 – Ministry of Truth is out now!

I made a new podcast episode! Check it out here.

In an article recently published by the New York Times (Jan 2021), the idea of commissioning a “reality czar” as part of the U.S. Government is dangerously toyed with. On the seventeenth episode of Bedletter, we dissect what it means to discover truth for yourself, how important that journey is, and how statistics can be molded to manipulate your view of the world.

Let ‘Em Trade!

The last couple days have been incredibly interesting as I sit back and watch the spectacle and craze of the internet take over a once-unbreakable Wall Street. I mean, they truly have done the unthinkable here–not in the sense of a short-squeeze occurring in the first place, but to the extent and with the amount of organization (if you can call it that) that this movement has occurred. Personally I have been a member of Reddit for a decade now, and having heard of r/wallstreetbets, even being subscribed to it for the last few years, I would never have thought such impact could have been orchestrated from that little nook of the web.

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A Stripling Warrior

Today is a Sunday–not unlike many other Sundays, filled with a lovely haze of relaxation prior to the start of a new work-week. Although my Sunday flows on smooth waters, without much change or torrent, today there are some who’s Sunday seeks the brightest change of all.

And so it is today, that my brother might be set upon new waters in an ocean so vast and vibrant. An ocean that fills the mind and body with endless priority, seeking space and organization. There is no coincidence drawn between the ordering of importance–sails must be set, anchors raised, and with with a watchman’s eye, the hull of this spiritual guide will slice through icy waters.

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