Thought Wire – March 14/16/17, 2021

Daylight savings feels like humanity’s attempt to obtain some form of control over the inescapable, ever-present factor of time. And at the end of the day, all we are left with is a pointless practice of springing forward or falling back twice a year. As if life wasn’t complicated enough already, lets throw in yet another meaningless annoyance that can actually cause some real problems, primarily if you were to forget or never even become informed of the date and time of the next daylight savings shift. I understand that it provides us with more daylight, technically speaking–as in, it will get darker later in the day, or at least we will think that it will, while in reality we just switched the label, not the actual event. The god of time is present in all matters of life, every minute and moment is another reminder of this. Similar in how you can say a word too many times and it becomes meaningless noise, or semantic satiation, if you think about the passage and inner workings of time, things starts to feel a slight bit uncomfortable.

A glimmer of hope shines brighter than all the darkness of despair.

The world runs on bean water
Up from the earth in dark shades
Of amber brown and mud’s delight
Bubbling, boiling through sifted strains
Stained across teeth, time’s refrain
Again, another mug brimming–
Seconds, thirds, wired living
Some won’t budge, a mourning without
Till veins pump black and beating
Steaming energy across the form
Dormant no longer, awake for now
For lava’s reign, in earthen tones
As nature seeks to grasp our bones

Isn’t it strange when you do a quick Google search for an answer to a question, and you find a slew of people who all have the same question as you, stretching back over a decade? And what’s even more odd, is when the answer to said question is no where to be found, a continuing conundrum. Living in a connected, virtual world has led us to become avid, ambitious, ravenous consumers of information. We want revelation and we want it now, damn it! Where we used to walk miles to the library and pour through old books just to find the answer to a small question, we now whip out our phones, and within seconds we have more information on any given topic than we could ever fully digest. I would surmise that the human knowledge pool has grown both in it’s breadth and it’s depth since the advent of technological connectedness–and in far more ways than our conscious minds could comprehend.

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