Let ‘Em Trade!

The last couple days have been incredibly interesting as I sit back and watch the spectacle and craze of the internet take over a once-unbreakable Wall Street. I mean, they truly have done the unthinkable here–not in the sense of a short-squeeze occurring in the first place, but to the extent and with the amount of organization (if you can call it that) that this movement has occurred. Personally I have been a member of Reddit for a decade now, and having heard of r/wallstreetbets, even being subscribed to it for the last few years, I would never have thought such impact could have been orchestrated from that little nook of the web.

But here we are, on the eve of February 2021, with stocks looking like a racing heart-rate monitor and millions of Americans, and people everywhere, are downloading their little applications to their little phones and figuring out how to potentially make big money. And a lot even have made it large already. After all, it wasn’t long ago that AMC and GME were valued at the cost of a combo meal at McDonalds.

Now the other interesting tidbit, and the part that truly shows the internet is banding together to some degree, is the moonshot of Dogecoin. What a meme. I am a firm believer in Crypto currency–I have been hodling Bitcoin for a long time now, along with several other coins. However, Dogecoin is actually just a meme coin. Leave it to the internet to pinpoint the exact currency that has no solid base and is claimed to be the preferred coin of Shiba Inu’s everywhere.

It’s way too perfect! The beauty, irony, comedy–whatever you want to call it. I for one am hoping the internet keeps trudging forward and holding these stocks, making the hedge funds think twice about how they operate. I for one also think people need to be held accountable for the halting of the purchase of various stocks. Retail buyers had little to no ability to get their hands on some of these stocks, which is really a stumper, due to the glorious and heroic motto that is blasted all over Robinhood’s advertising. DEMOCRATIZING FINANCE FOR ALL. Yeah, O.K.

This craze is not something that should be deterred or ignored. There is no ‘unsophisticated investor’, there is no ‘market abuse’. It is a free and open market, where positions were made known prior to being enacted, and every person that deposited a dollar of their hard-earned cash knows and understands the risk. Let the people trade, for the health of the economy and of the retail investor.

I would predict a majority of the population have little or no money invested in anything–except for their annual three-cents-dividend for keeping money in a savings account. This was me for a long time as well, blowing off doing the research required in order to learn how to make my money work for me. And that brings me to this avalanche of investing we are seeing right now, January 2021. It is a beautiful thing because it’s showing every age group that investing doesn’t have to be difficult–it can actually be an extremely simple experience and that simplicity and ease-of-access adds immense value to the marketplace.

So for this I would say, let the people trade. Take some amount of risk, whatever that number may be. Put money that’s laying around doing nothing into action and who knows, something exciting might happen. I’m no expert and I won’t profess to know where or how exactly you should invest, but there is some kind of financial revolution happening on our doorstep and it is invigorating to take part in it.

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