A Dog’s Lesson

For the past week or so, my beautiful dog Mia has been having some health issues. Nothing serious—starting with a bit of a stomach bug, and then moving to some constipation. She has handled it like a champion and is feeling a lot better today.

Through the process of caring for her, I have really had my patience tested. Whether through her refusing food, medicine, or mostly, me making my best guesses at how to solve the issue, I have had to remind myself countless times to slow down, listen and watch her behavior carefully—not for my own impatience and satisfaction, but for her well-being.

There is no other emotion I have other than gratitude for this gorgeous little mutt of mine. The lessons she teaches me while sitting in silence seep over into every other faucet of my life. Patience is a hard road to navigate, twisting and wrenching your emotions and sanity into machinations that are conflicting to your character.

So today, I am grateful. For the times when Mia tries my patience, for the times when she tests my consistency, for the times when she bends my understanding into something new. I am grateful for the challenge. She makes my life a little more interesting and forces me to turn my gaze outside of myself—towards her, towards others, and then back again, with a new set of eyes that are able to pick and pry at the parts of me that need revision, trimming, and eventually, growth.

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